We positively transform communication activity to improve reputation, drive business and increase the value of a company.

We get to the essence of issues and get results based on a special mix of experience, insight, intuition, inspiration and wisdom.

Gain a strategic advantage through smart communications integrated into the whole of your business through improved:

Strategic Communications Planning & Delivery

We provide board level strategic reputation advice and management.

We audit, effectively transform and set up business communication activity and teams to maintain and enhance corporate and internal reputation, improve customer and shareholder relationship management and grow business.

We establish integrated marketing communications for fast growing businesses.

We develop strategies to carefully manage issues, assets and enhance strategic positioning, delivering long-term positive perception and behaviour change.

We bring the experience of delivering numerous successful high profile campaigns, PR events and critically acclaimed and award winning documentaries.

We provide TV documentary pitch advice, production assistance and negotiate access.

Advice is tailored to the size and resources available to your business.

Corporate & Internal Communications, Identity and Public Relations

We can help enhance and maintain the perception and reputation of your business, inside and out and help you coordinate efforts across PR, corporate communications activity (branding, blogs, brochures, the website, social media), events, internal communications, investor relations, search engine optimisation (SEO) and other marketing/advertising activities.

Media Relations

We handle every-day media relations, from traditional print and broadcast to web and mobile social media, in a range of subjects at the top of the daily news agenda.

Crisis Media Management

We will help you prepare for and survive the unexpected personal or corporate crisis and manage an effective recovery.

Interim Management

We can plug a communications gap with an interim manager and set up new internal or corporate communications teams.

Stakeholder & Community Engagement and Public Affairs

We will help you maximise your stakeholder potential through targeted two-way interaction with influential individuals and organisations.


Client discretion is the name of our game, so we will only mention them if and when appropriate.