Oh, Odeon

Odeon Facebook complaintA Facebook post complaining about the cost and quality of a trip to an Odeon cinema this weekend is racing towards receiving 150,000 ‘likes’. It has also received thousands of mostly negative comments which make for pretty uncomfortable reading for the company. By comparison, Odeon’s own page has 224,000 Facebook ‘likes’. [Read more…]

Social customer failure = PR failure

Never Fail to distinguish between your B List customers who should be treated like royalty, and your A List customers, who should be treated like family.

Jay Conrad Levinson, author of ‘Guerilla Marketing’

The debate continues amongst some professionals about whether an organisation’s social media activity should be managed by PR/ marketing or customer service teams. Really it straddles both and if there are two sides they need to work together. But wherever social media responsibility sits in your company it needs to be handled well. Day-to-day interactions with customers matter a great deal and multiple (apparently small) negative experiences can quickly erode hard won brand loyalty and lead to big disasters. Social media can famously quickly turn corporate mishaps and failures into PR catastrophes ruining reputations overnight.

Do it and do it well

Recent statistics show that 60 per cent of companies do not respond to customers via social media, even when asked a direct question. The following three personal experiences highlight some winning and losing customer service activity [Read more…]

Getting on Google+

Mimir Communications has recently joined Google+. If you’re there already, it would be great if you added us to a circle. If you haven’t tried it, here are some of the reasons why you might consider getting on board.

For many people Facebook, with it’s vast user-base and huge marketing potential, is king but there are a number of benefits to adding an alternative approach. [Read more…]